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Monday, August 16, 2010

The Next Chapter

After serving as a principal for over three decades at all levels - elementary, junior high, and high school - I was anxious to influence teaching and learning across all grades of a school system. Most importantly, I was interested in applying my experience and expertise within a small district that would offer a chance to interact at a personal level where an individual can make a difference. In addition, I was seeking a district-wide leadership role within commuting distance of the school district where my wife teaches Kindergarten. The vacant position of superintendent of schools for the Green Island Union Free School District met all of these criteria.

My journey through the search and selection process with various stakeholder groups of Green Island convinced me that this was an attractive leadership opportunity. The atmosphere in the school building was accommodating and caring. There was a genuine sense of community permeating Heatly School. The four high school boys who offered me a guided tour of the facility were cordial, outgoing, and sincere. The meetings with the elementary student council and the high school student council later in the day both proved to be engaging. The questions from the student representatives were thoughtful and reflected a desire to gain an insight into the new superintendent. That exchange was perhaps the most persuasive factor in my decision to accept the post of district leader. Those boys and girls evidenced pride in their school as well as a commitment to be involved in their education beyond the walls of a classroom.

Green Island is the platform for me to assert a pledge to nurture the dreams and sustain the hopes of learners of all ages at all stages. It's a great fit and I'm as excited today about serving Green Island as I was on my first day, July 1st.

This blog is offered as a communications link between the school and community. I will be contributing to the blog on a regular basis as I chronicle my first year as superintendent. Please avail yourself of the opportunity to become involved as a supportive partner in the education of the youth of Green Island by sharing your comments and suggestions.


Dr. Michael Mugits

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