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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turning The Corner

On your mark; get set; GO!!

Registration began for the on-line classes we will be offering in September. After a short delay in technology, and a great deal of patience from anxious learners who will be sophomores, juniors and seniors next year, our guidance counselor successfully facilitated enrollment procedures. The list below displays some of the courses that our learners signed up to experience.

The Human Body
Young Adult Literature
Russian Language and Culture
Computational Science and Engineering Using Java Script
Psychology of Crime
Oceanography: A Virtual Semester at Sea
Introduction to Statistics
Advanced Placement Economics: Macro and Micro
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Sports and American Society
Anatomy and Physiology

Do those courses look anything like what you took in high school? I can tell you, my high school experience pales in comparison to the range of courses (nearly 200 in all) that were made available to the learners that registered today. This is a step in turning the corner and transforming learning experiences at Heatly.

This was an exciting opportunity, but it’s just a start. We want to be successful and enable the on-line class experience to grow as we move forward. We identified learners who have demonstrated success in the classroom and, most importantly, provided evidence of intrinsic motivation and dedication to meeting their assigned responsibilities.

Learners almost camped out in the guidance office as they awaited the moment to register. These experiences will expand learning possibilities and enrich preparation for college and career. However, the courses will not be easy. Time management and self-discipline are critical attributes necessary for success. The classes will represent a challenge as much as they represent an opportunity. This accounts for our selectivity in registering learners, especially the first year of the program.

It’s another BIG step for a small school. We will expand the number of learners and the grades involved in the program in the near future. Eventually we will reach beyond on-line classes and also add school-to-work internship programs and the ability to take college classes during high school. It’s more a matter of creatively re- organizing the infrastructure of the school (primarily the master schedule of classes, and a different view of the teaching-learning dynamics) than it is of finances.  We need to project success, adapt strategies, and invest and allocate resources in a manner that will allow us to optimize learning for the benefit of our learners and our community.

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