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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Small School District, BIG Increase

I hadn't been superintendent at Green Island very long before the term, "A small school with BIG ideas" emerged as the most descriptive phrase to breathe life into our mission and meaning. However, there has been no better affirmation of the value of those words than what happened today. The residents of Green Island, despite the pressure of a weak and weary economy, approved one of the largest tax levy increases (12.47%) in the entire state with a 58% to 42% tally. It was truly a case of a small school district with a big budget increase.

The support we received is certainly not taken for granted. Rather, it is incumbent upon our staff to consistently demonstrate that the community investment is a worthy use of valuable resources. We must pledge to sustain our progress and continue to earn the support of those we serve.

The passage of our budget is a relief, but the economic stress on public schools will extend beyond this coming school year. That's why it's essential that we maintain our focus and stretch to meet higher performance expectations as we nurture the dreams and hopes of learners at all stages and ages.

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