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Monday, June 4, 2012


When people impatiently cut corners instead of investing the time and effort to invent the future by looking around corners; when people value artificial as a quick substitute for original; when people would rather act like a loser to deceitfully win games rather than maintain honor and lose a game while acting like a winner - then we have people wandering around with a dysfunctional moral compass.
Here's a link (blow) to a great article from Sports Illustrated (To Cheat or Not to Cheat) that not only portrays both sides of this issue, but it also emphasizes the integrity of a man (Kevin Legault) who is the brother-in-law of the secretary I work with each day. This is much more than a sports story. In fact, if you confuse it as such you will unfortunately be dismissing a very revealing look at the lengths some people go in compromising their values in exchange for success, in sports, work, the classroom,... however hollow the actual triumph.

Despite not reaching his professional goal of becoming a major league baseball player, Kevin is certainly a major league person in my opinion. Kevin relied on PEM's (performance enhancing motivation) and opted to not surrender his principles, even if it meant not realizing his dream. The main character in the article decided to cast scruples aside in the quest for his dream and used PED's (performance enhancing drugs) to his advantage in the extremely competitive environment of professional baseball.

I love baseball and want my favorite baseball team (the Detroit Tigers) to win, but not at the expense of the integrity of the sport and the spirit of fair competition. I'll gladly root for the Kevin Legaults of the world. If I could pick a team, he'd be on it for sure.

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