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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Why do we sustain a school calendar predicated on an outdated agrarian society of planting and harvesting cycles?

Why are we still teaching subjects in high school, in which knowledge has grown exponentially (i.e. Science, History...) within the same time constraints of 7,200 minutes (40 minute periods x 180 days of school) as we did fifty years ago?

Why do we continue to organize learners in grades based on their age instead of on their abilities?

Why are legislative bodies appropriating funds for public schools in arcane distribution formulas (equally) that sustain existing achievement and opportunity gaps instead of providing money based on needs and the ability to generate revenue (equitably)?

Why are schools marching forward bearing much the same instructional infrastructures that were prevalent fifty years ago, despite the advent of technology and the growth in brain research?

Why are a small group of publishers and corporations exercising such a vast and disproportionate voice and heavy hand in the policies and paths of public education?

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