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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Human Infrastructure

The title of this Blog evolved from an article I found on the internet (see link below) that identified the thirteen college majors in which pay goes nowhere. It is both interesting and ironic that a large number of these majors (human services, social work, child development, special education, elementary education, pastoral ministry) are involved with training people in helping others. The list begs the question of how well our society is investing in the human infrastructure necessary to provide help in developing others and assistance in meeting the needs of others. Are we unconsciously promoting an “every man for himself” and “survival of the fittest” perspective that discounts collaboration and cooperation for the common good?

 Here’s the link and the list:

1. Child Development

2. Human Services

3. Early Childhood and Elementary Education

4. Clinical Laboratory Science

5. Pastoral Ministry

6. Athletic Training

7. Medical Technology

8. Recreation and Leisure Studies

9. Special Education

10. Horticulture

11. Nutrition

12. Social Work

13. Theology

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