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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playing It Safe

Well, tomorrow's the big day. The "Back-to-School" sales advertisements will end, the future will begin, one day at a time. We expect over three hundred learners of all ages and stages to enter the building tomorrow to collaborate with our staff on inventing their futures.

Among the many responsibilities we assume at school, and well beyond the "three R's" of reading, 'riting, and 'rithematic,"  is the need to ensure a safe environment. Security is essential and the need for it has been reinforced over and over in news reports across the country of violent acts committed by school intruders. It is unfortunate, but true, that we have to exercise measures of security that perhaps never existed when the parents of today went to school years ago, but reality often dictates changes. We want your son and/or daughter to feel secure at school, and we also want you to rest assured that we are acting in the best interests of your child. But, as we have seen in several different day-to-day activities, security has a price. That is, the effort to provide safety costs us all in terms of conveniences, like longer lines and delays at airport screenings.

I am speaking of the change for elementary age children entering the building. We have pointed out in earlier correspondence through the school district, that all of the elementary learners will enter through the main door of the building instead of the north door at the lower level of the school. We want to control foot traffic and restrict access to the school so that visitors, parents, and children must now pass through the greeter at the main entrance. This change may be uncomfortable for some, but we want safety for all.

Your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter will be appreciated.
Best wished to everyone tomorrow!

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