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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Scoop

The Parent Teacher Organization of the school sponsored an ice cream social - Get the scoop on Dr. Mugits. The attendance was great, to the point we nearly ran out of ice cream. The cafeteria was full or people and the room was filled with smiles and laughter. I worked alongside PTO volunteers and assisted by scooping out chocolate ice cream to a large number of enthusiastic children. That role allowed me to greet everyone as they lined up for cones and cups of vanilla or chocolate flavored ice cream.

I enjoyed serving up dessert and interacting with so many families. It was a great opportunity to meet parents and get to know which kids belonged to which adults. I appreciated the effort and support of the Parent Teacher Organization. The group is comprised of parents who generously donate their time and energy to provide constructive opportunities for all of the learners in the school. They have embarked on a fundraising campaign intended to obtain money that they will  invest in programs and possibilities that enhance the school environment.

I encourage every parent who follows this Blog to contribute your interest and time in helping the PTO in their quest to brighten the future for the boys and girls of Green Island.

On another note. I was surprised, and pleased, to have three different twelfth graders check in with the secretary and schedule separate appointments to meet with me to ask questions and discuss issues of interest. That's really the essence of why I chose to become the superintendent of Green Island. Beyond the fact that the leadership position offers me the opportunity to work across all grades within a school system, it more importantly supplies me with a small enough learner population that I can come to know all of the learners and feel I can make a difference in their future. I'm glad they initiated the interaction and felt comfortable seeking me out.

So, the scoop is - I really like it in Green Island!!

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