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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

All In A Day

Today reaffirmed both my interest in working in a leadership position spanning Kindergarten through 12th grade, and my decision to serve in that capacity in a small school district. There were several opportunities during the day to interact directly with learners of all ages and still meet other obligations of meetings and paperwork and phone calls and emails and...

After greeting everyone as they walked up the sidewalk and headed to the doors of the school, I helped accompany some five year old stragglers on their way to their Kindergarten class. Their refreshing smiles and charming optimism combine to form a great start to the day.

Next up, a student council sponsored breakfast honoring learners in grades 7-12 who have achieved at performance levels qualifying for recognition as members of the honor roll or the high honor roll for the first marking period of the school year. It was a robust group of learners deserving of the award status. The number of parents attending in support of their son or daughter was a pleasant surprise given that the event took place during normal work hours. It was a nice experience. I performed a couple of tricks addressing the power of creating and sustaining a clear mental picture of a desired future, as well as the benefit of establishing high expectations for yourself on your way to meet your potential.

Just prior to noon, there was lunch with a group of third grade learners who had signed up weeks ago to share time with the superintendent. They were cordial, engaging, and great lunch partners. The discussion was lively and entertaining. These lunches have been a productive social experience that have enabled me to better understand the interests and background of individuals, and for them to get to know their superintendent.

Next up, I sat in with a fourth grade class that had earned a reward for their collective good behavior. I watched the first half of Toy Story 3 with them before departing to attend a meeting. the children were polite and enjoyed the film while munching on popcorn.

Later in the afternoon it was time for our mentor activities. Each staff member is assigned six learners to meet with for twenty minutes every two weeks. There is a schedule of suggested activities and discussion points designed to forge a relationship between adults and learners. The group assigned to me represents children from Kindergarten, First and Second grades. I appreciated the opportunity to use the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday as a forum to examine relationships between people - with family members, friends, and neighbors - and the constructive qualities and attributes of people in terms of healthy relationships.

After school I was surprised to meet an upperclassmen who had initiated a meeting with several members of a particular grade (after school at the start of a holiday break) that has been perceived as under performing. His interactions with a number of members of that class had led him to believe that he should intervene and offer some assistance to them. He invited a handful to meet with him so he could obtain a better insight into their plight. His goal is to listen to any concerns they have and seek to motivate them toward improving their status within the school. I was impressed that this was completely his idea, and the respondents volunteered to remain after school to examine this issue. That collaboration provides some assurance of eventually realizing a positive outcome for the plan. The older learner met with me briefly just to shed light on his interest and inform me why the group had met in the Library. I commended him on his intent and offered to assist whenever he requested help, but would otherwise respect their cooperative venture and refrain from intruding on what could prove to be a very intriguing and rewarding effort among learners, for learners, by learners.

Lastly, the boys varsity basketball team kicked off their season with their appearance at a regional tournament. Our school is the smallest in the league - by far - but the athletic teams offer little ground despite the size differential. the boys opened up the campaign with a narrow defeat. losing by four points. I was proud of their competitive spirit and tenacity. They're a fine group of young men.

That's it for the day!

Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving - and a break from my Blog posts. I'll return next week.

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