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Thursday, November 4, 2010

People And Ideas, Big And Small

This evening's Board of Education meeting featured presentations by both the elementary student council and the high school student council. Each representative party provided evidence of their activities and future plans. Their agendas were noteworthy, their goals were impressive. The speakers expressed themselves clearly and confidently as they addressed the elected officials. The thank you cards and cookies the elementary student council made for the Board members were also much appreciated. It was a good opportunity for the learners to participate in local government as it impacts their educational experience.

The fact that these groups were welcome to contribute at such a meeting reflects the value the community places on the opinions of our learners. I'm glad that the Board extends this invitation to the groups. And, the Board members are sincere in their reception of the news and notes described in the reports.

The elementary council delivered a review of events and accomplishments from each of the grades - Kindergarten through Sixth. They appeared proud of their work and obviously put time into the project. The high school council report is a regular agenda item for these monthly meetings, on par with every other item under consideration. That indicates the importance of their role within the district. They summarized the meeting they had with the Director of Food Services. They were able to ask questions about the breakfast and lunch programs and supplied input into possible menu items. It was nice of the director to engage with the representatives and encourage their involvement. That dynamic is yet another feature of the organizational culture of the school. Relationships are vital in a small school district. People matter.

Actually, sleep matters too, and it's nearly 11:15 on a school night so I need to cut this Blog short and catch some rest so I can be back in school in eight hours. Good night!

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