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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Hoover And A Vacuum

"A good teacher is like a candle -it consumes itself to light the way for others." Author unknown

A candle went out in Green Island.

Friday, January 28, 2011 marked the final day of teaching for Mrs. Karen Hoover. She retired after devoting herself to promoting the success, nurturing the dreams, and sustaining the hopes of nearly 2,000 learners during a career that spanned over three decades at Heatly (almost 6,000 days of school and more than 30,000 lessons) and reached across generations of learners from the same families. She prepared teenagers for life through high school English, bringing meaning to words and breathing life into books. She encouraged learners to think and to grow.

Communication is a valuable necessity in our society and she delivered learning experiences designed to enhance the ability of her class members to express themselves in speech and writing, interpret the intent and purpose of others, make inferences, draw conclusions, analyze plots and characters, wield creativity - and much more. For her commitment to these lofty goals and the countless other endeavors she experienced, she will be greatly missed.  The community was enriched by her contributions and commitment; the staff was the beneficiary of her grace and dignity, as well as her professionalism and dedication; and the learners were transformed by her care and compassion, and her effort and energy. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with her, even if it was for a brief six months. Her departure, though well deserved, leaves a significant vacuum in its wake.

"A teacher affects eternity: she can never tell where her influence stops." Henry Brooks Adams

Congratulations Mrs. Hoover!! Thank you for everything you've done for Heatly. Your influence will surely spread well beyond Green Island and extend far into the future.


  1. A truly inspiring educator with the rare ability to introduce her students to the values of education and compassionate, effective teachers. She also has/had the ability to inspire a number of us to follow in her footsteps. Kudos to you Karen!

  2. Congratulation's to Dawn as I know her!!! You deserve a wonderful retirement as you worked hard for it!! Enjoy, your time with your family and especially with your grandchildren.