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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Looking For Questions On A Snowy Day

The snow continues to fall. Enough fell overnight and this morning to prompt Heatly's first cancellation of school due to inclement weather this school year. The expected amounts exceed twelve inches. I've removed the deep white carpet that covered my driveway and expect to have to repeat the process again before leaving for work tomorrow morning. Until then, I've been able to attend to school work that's accumulated to the degree it's semi-organized in stacks littering my desk. In addition, I've compiled some topics for future Blog posts. My personal goal has been to generate and produce a Blog entry for each and every day of school this year, my first as a school superintendent.  

However, as I relax and catch my breath from the snow-blowing and shoveling, I've opted to contribute a brief posting on this day off requesting readers to submit subjects of particular interest. I'm curious to discover what questions and/or ideas readers have on education, schools, and related issues. Please contact me through this site or if you would like to offer a question or an issue as the focus of a future Blog entry. Your name will not be used.

I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks!

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