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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Senior Moment

The annual Senior Night at Heatly High School was held this evening. The ceremony is a showcase for seniors as they near graduation. They worked with their class advisor to create a presentation for friends, family, and interested community members. It's a nice way for the seniors to say good-bye through a staged performance that reflects their memories and perspectives on the Heatly experience.

The program began with a skit that was entitled, "A Day in the Life of A Senior." Needless to say, I was pleased to see that the beginning reference point for the typical day of a 12th grader began with one of their classmates portraying me outside the school welcoming learners as they arrive in the morning. It was an interesting experience as I watched myself through the eyes of these seniors. The young man who filled the role of superintendent turned in a great job of acting (though I must admit that in my daydreams, when I imagine my life unfolding on the screen I expect Matt Damon or Brad Pitt to portray me!).

The play continued on through each period as the seniors gave a very entertaining view of the day from their unique vantage point. It was funny - and touching, since the event was signalling how close they were to ending a thirteen year long affiliation with the school - all in one building. As much as they are anxious to be "liberated" from high school and either enter the workforce or college, they also show signs of sadness, realizing they are that much closer to dispersing soon and leaving the known for the unknown.

Each senior left the stage and presented flowers to their parents. It was great to see the hugs and sense the emotions. A PowerPoint slide show offered a series of photos of each senior, progressing from baby pictures to their senior yearbook portrait. It was a personal experience beyond the reach and possibility of most high schools. At Heatly, everyone knows each other and they've been together for a long time. This was a meaningful moment that can best be savored with a small senior class. Everyone mattered. Everyone was included. Everyone enjoyed the night.

Senior Night was a success. The class really worked hard at coordinating the program and organizing roles and props for the skit. Now they can relax. Tomorrow I accompany the seniors to Six Flags New England where we all hope to enjoy the senior class trip, complete with good weather and the thrills and chills of amusement park rides. I'm sure there will be a lot to Blog about after this experience - if they don't wear me out on the rides!

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