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Friday, September 2, 2011

First Day of School - In Mongolia

As we near the first day of another school year in Green Island, I thought I'd share a picture of young learners awaiting the opening of the school doors on their first day of school in Mongolia. My son is a Peace Corps volunteer who has been assigned to a two year long position teaching English to learners and staff at a school of 700 in a small village in Mongolia. I really like the expression on the little boy in the foreground. His outfit is formal, his look reflects a mixture of anxious anticipation.

Our first day will be markedly different. There, the first day resembles a field day atmosphere involving wrestling for the boys and archery for the girls. In Green Island, the only wrestling will be between learners and their new schedules.

I am hoping that our school will be able and interested in becoming a partner with this school is an electronic exchange that could offer cultural experiences between the two groups. We have been using Skype to communicate with our son and will explore the opportunity to use that form of communication to connect interested parties within the two schools.

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