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Monday, September 12, 2011

September Reboot

One of the really refreshing aspects of working in public school education is the calendar. I don't mean having the summer off for a vacation because I have worked year round as a school administrator for 35 years now. No, what I am referring to is the fact that our school calendar has a definite beginning as well as a defined end point. There's a clear start and a definite end to the year as opposed to many private sector work roles in organizations where the weeks follow each other continuously in an endless flow only interrupted when a worker goes on vacation. Those calendars are never ending.

In contrast, the rhythm of working from a universal start (although the "back to school sales" seem to arrive earlier each summer) and common winter holiday vacations, a shared February break and a traditional Spring break, all the way through to those hot days approaching the end of June combine to create a familiar cadence. This means that every September births a new beginning and all of the hope and optimism that emerges from a fresh start. It's the promise and prospect of starting anew that offers me inspiration and optimism. Another year, another opportunity, another group of wide-eyed five year old children populating Kindergarten class with all of the future about to unfold with every turn of the calendar. The imagination can run wild in an attempt to think of what intriguing possibilities await these little boys and girls when they grow up in a world that experiences change at an accelerated pace with astounding innovations.

We will be working diligently to invent our own future at the Heatly School, for every learner, one day at a time.

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