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Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Cost Of Unfunded State Mandates Of New York Public Schools

Education reporter, Meaghan Murphy, of the Times Herald Record, provides a summary of the work of several school districts that banded together to examine the financial impact of state mandated policies/practices that are not funded by the state despite being imposed upon school systems. (see link to article below) The group avoided concentrating on low hanging fruit, like the Wicks law, the Taylor amendment and state pensions. Instead they analyzed the effect of the less publicized requirements such as testing, data warehousing, special education legal costs, and transportation of homeless children living outside of the school district's attendance area.

The findings of the cooperative effort of these school districts were dramatic. This is particularly noteworthy during the current depressed economic climate. These measures often escape the notice of the public but certainly exercise a considerable influence on the financial structure of school districts and taxpayers.

Please read the attached article for insight on the plight of schools facing increased mandates while contending with decreased state aid to public education.

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