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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Vote for Reason

What do the two events outlined in the next paragraph say about our society?

The immense public outcry and media attention that followed the mistaken decision of replacement referees at a recent National Football League game obscured far more important events. If someone woke from a coma and read/listened to the news this week they would likely rate the football officiating debacle as more significant than the upcoming presidential election. Both candidates for president apparently felt they had to render comments on the issue to remind the electorate of their presence amid the headlines that otherwise swallowed up campaign news.Similarly, many people waited hours and even days in line for the release and sale of the latest version of the Apple I-phone 5, though one wonders how many people would be wiling to wait more than a few minutes in a line at the voting booth in November.

There has been an expansive amount of television time consumed by political advertisements. Both parties boast of their allegiance to the U.S. constitution, and there is no relief from people sporting signs with various proclamations supporting rights and freedoms ensured by our constitution, yet the percentage of people in America who actually vote is regularly among the lowest among industrialized nations in the world.

I am not advocating for who one should vote for. I am merely exhorting people to exercise their right and cast a vote on election day.

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