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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ready or Not, Here They Come

Learners at all ages and stages arrived at school on our first day of the new year full of hopes and dreams. We are responsible for nurturing and sustaining those ambitions. Perhaps the best way for our staff to collectively succeed in that task is to reflect on three questions:

1. If we were a child, would we want to attend this school?
2. If we had school age children, would we want to have them attend this school?
3. Does this school have a work environment where we want to spend half our waking hours each workday?

If the answer to any of the questions is "no" then we need to determine what we can do to address the perceived deficiency and effect a positive change. It's that simple in direction, and that difficult in execution. These three prevailing question serve as a compass for our efforts and a reminder of our purpose. Yes, there are all sorts of programs and policies that comprise the structure of the organization but the infrastructure, the soul of the school, remains the relationship between and among the inhabitants of the building. The focal point must be on maintaining the conditions that promote opportunities, expand possibilities, and encourage optimism. In short, we must be committed to ensuring that the learners of Heatly are offered the same level of service that we want for ourselves and our own children. If we do that we are pursuing a standard that is destined to grow success.

That shall be a guiding principle.

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