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Monday, May 9, 2011

Giving Blood

I hope that you didn't think that the title of this Blog entry had anything to do with our recommended budget under consideration by voters on May 17th. We feel that the requested amount of funds is appropriate and necessary for our learners to meet with success and our taxpayers to not be overburdened. In fact, the proposed increase to the local tax levy is lower than the state average among school districts across New York.

Giving blood has nothing to do with the budget. Rather, that's what I'll be doing this Friday afternoon at the Green Island Community Center to assist the local blood drive. This is an important contribution and civic responsibility. Everyone who is able to donate blood should consider the opportunity to do so this Friday. Contact the office of the Greeen Island mayor for more information. The drive is from 2:00pm to 6:00pm. The Heatly High School Student Council has already sponsored two blood drives this school year. Our school staff and student leaders accept a role in supporting the interests and needs of the community.

As summer approaches, the need for blood unfortunately picks up as people are more involved in outdoor activities, particularly driving to and from camp or on vacation. The prospect of accidents increases and causes stress on local blood bank supplies. Each of us faces the potential to be in a situation where blood is necessary in an emergency or for surgery. Please consider donating blood - and think about how important it would be to have access to a suitable supply of blood in the event you find yourself in need. Donating blood, and helping others through a contribution of time and effort, are the acts of compassion and generosity that help define a sense of community.

See you at the Community Center this Friday the 13th. Your donation will turn a superstitiously unlucky day into someones lucky day by providing the life saving potential of blood.

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