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Friday, May 6, 2011

One Small Cup Of Coffee

What can you buy with $1.10?

Think about it. That's not much. Your options are fairly limited, but I believe you can buy a small cup of coffee for that amount of money.

Let's imagine that you skip just one single cup of coffee per week for a year and instead put the $1.10 aside in a piggy bank. If you save $1.10 for each of 52 weeks you would have $57.20. I realize that a year would be a rather long time to wait patiently just to arrive at $57.20. However you now have enough money to increase the possible uses of your funds.

You could write down a lengthy list of items you could purchase for $57.20. You could patiently wait an entire year to save up enough money to buy two dress shirts or one pair of name brand jeans or five movie tickets or dinner for two at a restaurant or four music CD's or two popular video games --- or you could invest the money instead of spending it.

The bottom line on the budget we presented to the public last night seeks a tax increase that will likely charge the average Green Island taxpayer $56.00 more next year than the current year. For that amount, just less than the cost of a small cup of coffee each week for a year, a taxpayer can sustain the progress at Heatly and earn a return on theirr investment that is measured in terms of quality of life for the community. Not only will the added amount contribute toward the resources necessary to enrich learning experiences for boys and girls intent on following dreams of success, but a school that is perceived as effective is one that will be viewed as an attraction by those interested in purchasing a home in Green Island. The more people with children who show an interest in the school the more buyers there are for houses. This supply and demand equation boosts home values in equity or sales. When a school is considered weak in performance the community becomes depreciated because people do not find it appealing. There is a relationship between the performance level of a school and the community that surrounds the school regarding house and property values - ask any realtor. Just like the tide that lifts all boats, everyone has the potential to benefit from an improved school, whether they have children attending the school or not.

I know that the economy is weak and induces anxiety, insecurity, and fear. I realize that. I informed our school board at the start of our budget development process that I would not ask for a raise nor would I be willing to accept a penny more in salary than I am receiving this year. As the leader of the school I have a responsibility to set an example for the organization.

Yet, I earnestly believe that the budget our school board has developed is one that is a fair balance between the capacity of a community to invest in the future and the needs of learners who pursue success and represent our future.

One less small cup of coffee each week can make a big difference.

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