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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The weather was great today. That meant there were a lot of different activities one could enjoy on a nice day. Yet, at 6:15 this evening, with the sun still hanging in the sky and opportunities to escape and relax in any number of ways, a small but committed group of parents convened at their monthly meeting of the Heatly Parent Teacher Organization.

These dedicated individuals have collectively made a significant imprint on the school. They have remained enthusiastic and constructive all year long. The agenda is robust and full of events and a wide assortment of efforts directed at improving the school for learners and staff. I am very appreciative of the energy and time they devote in support of the school district. They have sponsored book fairs, dances, movie nights, and a lengthy list of fun activities for kids.

Tonight's list of discussion items included a review of fund raising promotions that serve to finance the operation of the organization and the countless experiences they provide children. In addition, they have planned a family fun day late in the school year that will feature several attractions. The PTO will supply ribbons for the elementary field day next month. They are providing an exciting field trip for the sixth graders to mark the transition the learners will make as they conclude their elementary years and prepare for entry to the secondary school. They are also presenting awards to participants in the summer Reading program. And there's more...

Our PTO is a remarkable group of individuals who perform as a team in assisting all children through a diverse array of activities. We are grateful for their support. I enjoy meeting with them because it's reaffirming. It's great to see how helpful the group is and how instrumental they are in serving as a bridge between home and school. The PTO represents a valuable asset to our school.

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